• “Beyond Borders has been monumental in pivoting me into the young woman I am today. My life has transformed for the best and many others have witnessed this change. Hence, I’m available to make a difference in the lives of others because of the im-pact Beyond Borders has made in my life.”

    – Sharee Gilliard

  • “I was stuck! I was in a holding pattern, living a mediocre life with just enough fear and reward to stay there. Barbara’s wisdom and coaching techniques helped me to readily identify these areas. I knew I could trust her to guide me into making better decisions about my business. Together, she helped me craft a plan that has al-lowed my business to flourish while holding true to my core values.”

    – Alicia Moss

  • “I have worked with Barbara for the past year and I having her as a coach is a privilege. She always asks the right questions to lead me to make solid decisions for my life as well as my businesses. As a result of her coaching, I have learned to stop undervaluing my self and chasing the wrong opportunities. I now attract clients I LOVE to work with and who value what I bring to the table and are able and willing to pay my rate. Barbara is an amazing coach, I don’t know what I would do without her!”

    – Courage Molina, Entrepreneur

  • “I’ve been afforded the opportunity to work up close and personal with Barbara through the years because of our family and ministry bond. It’s always exciting to be in her presence to glean from her entrepreneurial mind. I’ve watched her tena-cious spirit go after her dreams, reinventing herself several times along the way. Barbara Borders has shown us nothing more than a display of constant strength and a wealth of creativity through the years. She’s a pathfinder, a busi-ness owner, and a vanguard leader. I’m biased of course, but she’s my favorite “shero”!”

    – Randy Borders


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